Dima Gulpa

Wedding and commercial photographer in Calgary.
Making photos for people and for businesses :)

About me

Dima Gulpa  

My name is Dima Gulpa — I am experienced wedding and commercial photographer.

Started my commercial shootings in 2008, since that photography and videography are my only occupation.

I was born in Ukraine, moved to Canada, based in Calgary.

Genres I work with:

 • Weddings. Shot 400+ events all over the world. My first destination wedding was shot in 2010 in the beautiful Monaco (Monte-Carlo). My shooting style is fast, easy, and fun. I always know the best posing for you if you need help.

• Manufacturer’s level automotive photo. Have my own shooting and post processing technique. 

Real estate, interior photography. Extremely deep with it. 

Event photography, official events, conferences etc.
Food photo, food styling for restaurants.

Advertising photo with models, scenes, etc. 

Feel free to reach me out any time (call, text, Whatsapp, Telegram)

+1 825 449 49 65


Featured as one of the top photographers in Calgary

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